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Studio recordings by
rod macdonald,big brass bed, village dudes, and archival cds and dvds, can by ordered on this page.

Formats include, cds, dvds, and a USB flash drive with these 4 cds, plus all art, credits and lyrics:
Rants And Romance, White Buffalo, Beginning Again, Later That Night

To order by mail, send check to Rod MacDonald, Box 3844, Boynton Beach, FL  33424

DDownloads will be sent via email once order is confirmed.  These include art, lyrics and credits.

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Rants And Romance
Come Out Annie, Cry Freedom, Dangerous Game, What Happened To You, The Pandemic, Heal The World, Lady Of The Harbor, Enough About Me, If I Were You, Here And Everywhere, I Didn't Go To Woodstock, When We Were Kings, Smallpox, If I Was President, King Of Tomorrow, Six Feet Away, The Trapper In This Town

Boulevard, In Every Dream, The Broadway I Know, The King, Marcie Jane, Everybody's Leaving Town, Train I'm On, Second Spring, Starlight, I'll Be Your Brother, Miles The Frog, Song For Bob, Fragile, Maggie, Since You've Gone, Eye Of The Storm, Red Sky Morning
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Beginning Again
The Magic City, Speak To Me Of Justice, I'd Love To Be Wrong, The Great Python Hunt, Black Friday, One More Minute Of Moonlight, In Another Teenage Dream, Fake News, Genius, Chinatown, Beginning Again, The Wall, Everything Is As It Should Be, Deep Bullshit Blues

Village Dudes
The Village Dudes-Frank Christian, Jack Hardy, Rod MacDonald & Dave Massengill
A Man's A Man For All That, Another Time And Place, Rider On An Orphan Train, Terror, The Lady Turned Away, Smile & Show Some Skin, My First Kiss, Ten To One, Treat Her Right, No Train Horn, Tomorrow's Train

Rod MacDonald & Mark Dann: Live In Germany DVD ($10)
I Am Bob Dylan, Blues For The River, The Raven, Don't Come Knockin', The Death Of Victor Jara, Google Me Baby, The Last American Worker, True To The Blues, American Jerusalem, John King, The Aliens Came In Business Suits, Speak To Me Of Justice, Willie Jean
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Later That Night
(2014 Blue Flute Music) 
Hole in the Bible, One More Heartbreak Song, We're All One, Youíre Already My Wife, Big Time Record Contract,
Don't Come Knocking, Joe Public, Many Can't Be Moved, Raven, Sleepless Nights, That's Why You Play The Game,
The Girl Songwriter, The Last American Worker, To My Dearest One, Young Republicans In Love, White Flour

songs of freedom
(2011 blue flute music, brambus records/switzerland)
springtime in america, google me baby, big money, freedom of religion, election night at walmart,
the belly button song, true to the blues, learning to crawl, when you were two, one good song, moron radio, why it's so,
open up your world, john king, watching the birds, just because

"this is another terrific collection of political commentary and beyond...."sing out! review autumn/winter '12

after the war
(2009 blue flute music, brambus records/switzerland)
opening disclaimer, stop the war, for the people, days of rain, two americans, the coming of the snow,
ballerina, after the war, american jerusalem, soldiers, half heaven half heartache, i'll walk in the highlands, after the singing, white buffalo, wings of light, every living thing

"pulls no punches regarding public and private life......"....Folkwax  full review

a tale of two americas
(2005 wind river, brambus records, 2011 blue flute music)
ray and ron, terror, missing, the governator, my beloved enemy, smoke, treat you right, i'm your dad, the lucky ones,
don't let your dim light die, sacrifice, peace, here i stand, true love, a tale of two americas, love is the common ground,
i am bob dylan, with god on our side
       spare acoustic sound, no drums or electric guitars

(2003 Wind River, Brambus, 2011 Blue Flute Music)
You Who Sleep Beside Me, (The Man Who Dropped The Bomb On) Hiroshima, Just One Kiss, My Neighbors In Delray,
Doctor Gachet, Just A Video Game, When Angel Gets Blue, We Got it Good And That Ain't Bad, Mickey World,
Dance By Lightning, Ireland, Ireland, 137 Executions (Not One Innocent Man), The Little Girls Love To Dance,
Willie Jean, Now You're Talkin' Baby, For The Good Of America, Mojo & The St Luke's Flukes

Into The Blue 
(originally 1999 Gadfly/Brambus; reissued 2016 Blue Flute Music, remastered for better audio)
Seven Days, No Problem, Best Defense, Days Of Rain, Here's A Song For You, Tough Life, 6 Strings & A Hole Big & Round,
The Aucilla River Song, Deep Down In The Everglades, Lightning Over The Sea,
Into The Blue, Fear, Sun Dancer, The Cure For Insomnia

And Then He Woke Up 
(1996 Gadfly/Brambus Records)
Happy All The Time, Black-Haired Man, Any Old Sunday, Then He Woke Up, The Death of Victor Jara, Me & Uncle Joe,
I Can't Believe (How Good You've Been To Me), The Last Train To Pontiac, Love For
All Seasons, Out In The Country, I'll Walk In The Highlands, Keeper of the Flame,
Who Built The Bomb (That Blew Oklahoma City Down), Timothy
"It really reaches out to the ears. And with Rod MacDonald's songwriting, it is potent stuff." Sing Out
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currently sold out of cds

White Buffalo 
(1986 LP, cd 1990 Gadfly/Brambus Records)
Song of My Brothers, Cross Country Waltz, Sanctuary, Pretty Girls, Sand Castle, White Buffalo, Water, Blues For The River,
The Aliens Came in Business Suits, Stop The War

"Urgent in its poetry; yet always bopping, pretty music."
Boston Globe

no commercial traffic 
(1983 LP, 2014 Blue Flute Music remastered for cd re-release)
the unearthly fire, it's goin' to take some time, butter my bread, something beautiful, on the road (in new york town),
american jerusalem, dear grandfather, a sailor's prayer, what i wanted, every living thing

full review in Folkwax

big brass bed cds

Big Tent
(2014) Positively 4th Street, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, Forever Young, Summer Days, Gotta Serve Somebody, The Mighty Quinn,
Many Can't Be Moved, Smoke, A Change Is Gonna Come, You're Already My Wife, The Way You Make Me Feel, Mr Tambourine Man

Dylan Jam + 2
(2011) you're gonna make me lonesome when you go, maggie's farm, high water, just like a woman, tangled up in blue, pledging my time, when the deal goes down, masters of war, my back pages, john king, don't let your dim light die

A Few Dylan Songs

From A Buick 6, Subterranean Homesick Blues, One More Cup of Coffee, Mississippi, She Belongs To Me, Ballad Of A Thin Man,
Lay Lady Lay, License To Kill, Don't Think Twice, Shelter from The Storm, Tom Thumb's Blues 

a walk in the the highlands

From Scotland, summer 1998, produced by Gary Ashorn of Digital Memories, Friendswood, TX. Includes 12 songs,
from The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, from a house concert, and from a Scottish pub, with video and still pictures of Scotland sites.
With special guest Terry Clarke.  See Rod's photos used in the video!

A Week In The Czech Republic
June 1992, from the State Theater in Prague and two festivals. Live performances and interviews with Rod and Pavel Lohonka,
leader of Zalman a Spol and a pivotal figure in the Czech democracy revolution. Filmed by Rod and others on the tour,
this is a documentary of the nation going from Communism to its future.
Songs: For The People, A Sailor's Prayer, Aliens,
Hudina Usmireni, more

Tuscany House Concert
Full-length, single camera concert in September 2007, with photos and video of Pisa, Florence, Vinci, Montecatini, Italy, and the
surrounding area. Songs: Don't Let Your Dim Light Die, The Coming of the Snow, Terror, For the People, I Am Bob Dylan,
You Who Sleep Beside Me, It's Going To Take Some Time, The Unearthly Fire, Blues For The River, Me & Uncle Joe,
Up On The Mountain, Stop The War, On Any Old Sunday, After the Singing, For the Good Of America,
The Ballad of Lee Harvey, and White Buffalo.

Concert In Sherbrooke
September 2000 from the Village Courthouse in Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia. Recorded by Digital Memories, Friendswood, TX.

In Concert: 1980s
Pt 1: Filmed for "The Finest Folks In Town" 1987 at Harvard Arts, Syracuse, NY: My Love, Sanctuary, Hello Old Flame,
Song Of My Brothers, Rockabilly Wedding, Cross Country Waltz, Zydeco, Women Of The World
Pt 2: Filmed for "Folkl Point" 1985 solo & with Steve Ericsson at Washington Inn, Bechtelsville, PA: Butter My Bread,
Every Living Thing, The Aliens Came In Business Suits, Landlord Blues, American Jerusalem

archival cds: live   and/or restored studio recordings

House Concert
Rod & Mark Dann in Cadeberge, Germany spring 1998
Recorded by Wolfgang Hess
I Can't Believe (How Good You've Good To Me), Keeper Of The Flame,
Some Things I Like About America, Ballad Of A Black Haired Man,
The Death Of Victor Jara, After The Singing, A Sailor's Prayer,
Up On The Mountain, The Aliens Came In Business Suits, Dallas,
The Man On The Ledge, I'll Walk In The Highlands.
Live At The Speakeasy 1984-86

Meet Me Baby (After the Bombs Do Fall), Unearthly Fire,
Ode To The Pretty Girls, Baby Glows In The Dark,
Song of My Brothers, American Jerusalem,
Rockabilly Wedding, Nothing,
The Man With The Hired Face, Real Americans,
Mojo & The St Lukes Flukes,
(I Left My Heart On) MacDougal Street.

The Original Rod MacDonald Band
1976-78 studio recordings by Mike Lobel, Mark Dann
The Night's Still On Our Side, Ballerina, Sleepless Nights, Island,
Memories, Somebody Waiting, All Of The Same Ole Saviours,
City Lights, Hard Times, Ernesto Miranda,
(I Don't Believe) You Don't Want To Dance
Lee Harvey & The Microdots
various recordings 1991-96

You Swallowed The Lie, The Ballad of Lee Harvey,
Some Things I Like About America, Hollywood Movie,
Honorable Men, Here's A Pretty Girl, Letter From A Fool,
Little Black Pearls, The Contract On America,
The Aliens Came In Business Suits

Forgotten Tunes Of The 1970s:
studio & and live on Bob Fass/WBAI

Fifty One Years Ago, Here Come The Clones, Three Russian Violinists,
La Rue de la Fortune, Look Homeward Boy, Baby Blue,
A Man Called Alias, Misery Walks The Streets Tonight,
Miles The Frog, The Face of the Sun,
Bury Me Deep, Children of Paradise, All Done In His Name
Highway To Nowhere
(Original release 1992 Shanachie Records)

Norman, Now That The Rain Has Gone,
The Coming Of the Snow, Moonlight and Fire,
After The Singing, So Many Songs, Love At the Time,
Distant Radios, Saving Grace, The Well,
The Way To Calvary

unavailable at this time

Live at the Main St Cafe 9/11/03

You Who Sleep Beside Me, American Jerusalem, Black Haired Man, My Beloved Enemy, My Neighbors In Delray, On Any Old Sunday, I Am Bob Dylan, Deep Down In The Everglades, Highlands,
Stop The War, Terror, The Man Who Dropped The Bomb
On Hiroshima, For The Good Of America,
A Sailor's Prayer, The Death Of Victor Jara, Every Living Thing

Live at the Florida FF, Tucson Folk Festivals
May 2004

Aucilla River Song, My Neighbors In Delray, Seven Days, Stop the War, On The Road In NY Town,
For The Good Of America, You Who Sleep Beside Me,
I Am Bob Dylan, The Governator, White Buffalo

Rod MacDonald & The Hitchikers
Rod's band in Italy early 1990s)

Auschwitz, Always The Highway, The Death Of Victor Jara,
What About The Angels, A Friend Like You,
Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open, Blue-Eyed Baby Girl,
Medicine Girl, The Far Side of The Street,
The Sun's Gonna Shine Today,
The American Guerillas, Life Goes On, Simple Things,
Body & Soul, The Gypsy Melody, South Africa
Guilty Pleasures:
Unreleased songs, studio recordings 1991-2000
Now Is The Time, I Hope You Understand, The Perfect Stranger, 
The Rain, My Last Days Of Monique, So Long Love, True Love, 
Minstrel Boy, Sure I Remember You, Open Up Your World, Maggie

Live at the Outpost In The Burbs--October 2003
Dr. Gachet, You Who Sleep Beside Me, The Governator,
Blues For The River, Terror, Dear Grandfather,
Sleeping On The Beach, American Jerusalem, Terror,
White Buffalo, I Am Bob Dylan, Open Up Your World,
For The Good Of America,
My Neighbors In Delray, A Sailorís Prayer, Seven Days
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