You Who Sleep Beside Me, (The Man Who Dropped The Bomb On) Hiroshima, Just One Kiss, My Neighbors In Delray,
Doctor Gachet, Just A Video Game, When Angel Gets Blue, We Got it Good And That Ain't Bad, Mickey World, Dance By Lightning,
Ireland, Ireland, 137 Executions (Not One Innocent Man), The Little Girls Love To Dance,
Willie Jean, Now You're Talkin' Baby, For The Good Of America, Mojo & The St Lukes Flukes

This all-new studio recording features
Steve Eriksson on guitars, Mark Dann on bass, Steve Holly on drums and Bernie Shanahan on keyboards and organ,
Craig Harris on percussion, with harmony vocals by Susan Mckeown and Francis Rovelli


You Who Sleep Beside Me
© 2000 Rod MacDonald (Blue Flute Music/ASCAP)

You who sleep beside me here in this quiet night
Do you remember how it was you first came in sight?
the bells of the cathedral were dying in the wind
you looked at me and smiled across your crowd of friends
and I felt a recognition not of someone from the past
but of a true beauty that was meant to last
and I wanted to speak to you or even say your name and get it right
you who sleep beside me here in this quiet night.

You who sleep beside me here in this quiet life
Do you ever wonder how you became my wife?
the room was lit by just a candle over by the bed
you walked across the room, smiled and turned your head
and I felt a recognition not from another time
but of the meaning of the words will you be mine
and I wanted to hold you safe from every sorrow or strife
you who sleep beside me here in this quiet life.

You who sleep beside me here in this quiet place
Do you ever wonder about the futures we face?
at the sound of thunder I look for shelter for two
and walk through the world knowing I will come to rest with you
and I feel a recognition not of habit or right or wrong
but a feeling of arriving at the place where I belong
and I whisper I love you and leave you in your own state of grace
you who sleep beside me here in this quiet place
you who sleep beside me here in this quiet night.
The Man Who Dropped The Bomb On Hiroshima
©2000 Rod MacDonald (Blue Flute Music/ASCAP)

The Man Who Dropped The Bomb On Hiroshima
sat eating in a Georgia restaurant
some chicken salad and potatoes
talking 'bout the one big thing he'd done
I asked him "was there ever a moment
when you wondered 'am I doing something wrong?'
Did you ever have a moment's doubt inside you,
you shouldn't let this one big thing be done?"
He said "You know they never told us what we were carrying
they didn't want to risk we'd change our flight
when we flew over the pre-programmed co-ordinates
that bomb fell out on everything in sight."

The Man Who Dropped The Bomb On Hiroshima
said "You know I toured Japan after the war
I had to go see for myself
what it was we dropped that one big thing for.
"In every little airport and hanger
were planes all tooled for suicide attacks
I left there thinking we'd made that war end sooner
and man, I never did go back."

Then the Man Who Dropped The Bomb On Hiroshima
sat back in his chair and looked my way
He said "All my life I been explaining
the one big thing I did one day.
"All I ever did was serve my country
I loved my wife and worked to raise my kids
and sometimes when the phone rings at midnight
a voice says 'how could you do what you did?'

"Someday, when I meet my maker
I'll know if my one big thing was right."
Then The Man Who Dropped The Bomb On Hiroshima
saluted me, and walked into the night.
Just One Kiss
©Rod MacDonald 2001 (Blue Flute Music/ASCAP)

Standing at the foot of the driveway, all the stars shining brightly
trying to talk so quietly so they won't wake her family
through the town they've been walking, all evening they been talking
he says You know, I've been thinking: would you do one thing for me?

Just one kiss, that's all I'm asking for
just one kiss, I won't ask for more
just one kiss

All the streets are dark and empty, his heart's beating fast and steady
she says You know I'm not ready to play around with anyone
He hears all the words she's saying, folds his hands like he's praying
looks in her eyes, says I'm not playing, it's what I really want

How can goodnight last an hour?
Goodnight and goodnight again
and if he had his way about it
goodnight would never end....

Then he walks her to the entrance, she takes her keys out in the silence
says It was never my intention to stay so late with you
He says Well then since we're dreaming, can I see you tomorrow evening
she says Yes and since you're leaving, there's one more thing you can do
My Neighbors In Delray
©2001 Rod MacDonald (Blue Flute Music/ASCAP)

My neighbors in Delray ate out on Federal Highway
there's a waitress at Denny's who remembers
they had loud conversations and hit on all the waitresses
and they weren't very good tippers
My neighbors in Delray went to Miami one day
worked out on a flight simulator
then my neighbors in Delray stole a plane bound for L.A.
flew it into the World Trade Center

My neighbors in Delray went to the gym every day
rented a condo, studied to be pilots
they had rental cars & cell phones, used the library computers in town
struck out with girls in local nightspots
but my neighbors in Delray hated the American way
and lived only to die for a heaven
where virgins train to serve and Allah is observed
gratefully awaiting to reward them
"Love thy neighbor," the Bible says
"God is great," the prophets say
wouldn't I love to know what God will say
to my neighbors in Delray.
My neighbors in Delray came from countries far away
and lived here freely among us
they studied all the ways of the good ol' USA
thinking of ways to destroy us
and my neighbors in Delray got on their knees and prayed
for the strength to leave life behind them
so my neighbors in Delray wouldn't be around to pay
the price for all of their victims
"Love thy neighbor," the Bible says
"God is great," the prophets say
wouldn't you love to know what God will say
to my neighbors in Delray.

My neighbors in Delray well I really couldn't say
I would even recognize them
walking thru the mall, or anywhere at all
I know my neighbors all despise them
somewhere farw away they don't care what the neighbors say
and they would only criticize me
but if my neighbors in Delray are in Paridise today
it would very much surprise me
"Love thy neighbor," the Bible says
"God is great," the prophets say
don't you really know what God will say
to my neighbors in Delray.
Dr Gachet
© 1998 Rod MacDonald (Blue Flute Music/ASCAP)

Vincent Van Gogh made a painting of Dr Gachet
in 1890, just before he died
the doctor didn't buy, it in fact Vincent Van Gogh
never sold a painting while he was alive.
It was 15 years later that Vincent's brother Theo
sold the painting for a price that broke his heart
to a local art collector who sold it some years later
to a genuine dealer of art.

Now the painting Van Gogh couldn't sell
has become too valuable
for anyone to ever see again
sterilized, humidified, safe from all the prying eyes
wouldn't Van Gogh be surprised to see his work so highly prized today?
Or maybe he'd turn over in his grave...

Vincent Van Gogh rarely traveled, he never saw America
spent his whole life painting bridges and hay on farms
he didn't go to cocktail parties or do commercial endorsements
or hit the town with starlets on his arm.
But the painting crossed some borders and the dealer made a profit
when he sold it to a German businessman
who took it to America when he emigrated
just before the Holocaust began.

In America the buinessman's estate was liquidated,
and a corporate oil executive and his wife
bought the painting for an investment, and took a tax deduction
when he loaned it to a museum all his life.
Then America changed its tax laws and the oil executive's widow
couldn't deduct it so she had to change her plan
she put the Doctor up for auction, it sold for 30 million
to a certain buinessman from Japan
who took it home to his place, where he'd designed an airless case
and the painting could be safely stored away
for some future businessman to see, but I believe that you and me
have see the last of Dr Gachet.
Just A Video Game        © 2000 Rod MacDonald  (Blue Flute Music/ASCAP)       

He walked into the building, aimed his gun straight down the hall
the enemy ducked out of the doorway, he barely had time to shoot them all
it seemed so real he almost came, but it was just a video game

They were lyin' on the floor he stepped up to the closest one
he laughed out loud to watch him die as he reloaded his gun
if it was real he'd be insane, but it was just a video game

In the next booth in the arcade the enemy came over the hill
they were threatening from all sides, he had just an instant for the kill
he made their bodies burst in flame, but it was just a video game

He went home to his house, he locked himself into his room
called up his only friend said are you ready for some doom?
I hate my parents, you know I hate everybody in this town
I'm gonna make myself a statement, I'm gonna take somebody down

He flew the plane over the city looking for industrial sites
hit a hospital by accident, took out the radio tower's blinking lights
he pretended it was Belgrade, but it was just a video game

He's hunted invisible alien warriors by ultraviolet light
assassinated naked cheerleaders from a laser-guided satellite
the only thing he thinks is a shame is that it's just a video game

Now he's a poster boy for gun control and the family values crowd
wants to get him on his knees so youth won't act so proud
you talk about your freedom as if weapons were your wealth
but when are you going to rise above the violence in yourself?

He walked into the building, took a gun out of his coat
by the time the police got there he'd put a bullet through his own throat
he thought he would have fame, but it was just a video game
No, don't tell me his name, it was just a video game
If it was real he'd be insane, but it was just a video game
When Angel Gets Blue
© 2000 Rod MacDonald (Blue Flute Music/ASCAP)

When Angel gets blue, she walks into town
past the bright lights and people, down to the chapel alone
she sits where no one can see her, the bruises and black eyes too
she's got some thinking to do
when Angel gets blue

He says the "harder I'm workin', the more I'm falling behind"
til he can't see his own light for the darkness outside
He takes a drink in the evening, one drink leads to two
and when she tries to break through
that's when Angel gets blue

When Angel gets blue, she thinks she could leave him
he could be such a good man, if he had someone to believe in
she says Lord I do love him, don't you love him, too?
What do you want me to do?
When Angel gets blue

So I'm here to tell you something you need to know
there's someone who loves you, though you've hurt her so
what if this were the last time she came walking home to you?
tell me what would you do when Angel gets blue
it's all up to you when Angel gets blue?
We Got It Good (And That Ain't Bad)
©2000 Rod MacDonald (Blue Flute Music/ASCAP)

We got a little house in town
a few flowers in the ground
couple cars out in the yard
we're working long and working hard.
People say life is tough
and you can never get enough
Well, I don't need all that stuff
just as long as we got love.

We got it good and that ain't bad
the best of times is what we have (we've had) (we'll have)
I'm loving you and I'm so glad, glad glad
We got it good and that ain't bad.

Pick any day that you can choose
there's some disaster in the news
someone who's life seems born to lose
somebody singin' the lonesome blues.
People say they would be free
if they'd just win the lottery
I may not be a billionaire
but as long as we got love to share
Mickey World     ©2000 Rod MacDonald (Blue Flute Music/ASCAP)

There's a little girl with a great big smile
who keeps walking in front of me
she's got sun in her hair and a big ice cream too
she's losing her family
and I'm standing on the midway with my two-inch smile
and a guitar in my hand
while the clowns and the soldiers and the cowboys and Indians
follow the marching band
and with tickets and sodas and cameras and maps
the families go round in a swirl
I just want to get home to my girl
but I've got hours to go here in Mickey World

There's a tv set in every corner
they got a game on every screen
they got hockey and baseball and surfing and golf
and the women's beach volleyball team
and I'm standing in the corner with my two-beer grin
and a microphone in my face
and the crowd stops talking for just a second
when the waitress drops her tray
and I'm Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Danny Boy, Elvis
a diver for yesterday's pearls
as the couples get up for a twirl
once around the floor here in Mickey World

Mickey World, can't you smile a little wider?
Mickey World, can't you jump a little higher?
Mickey World, can't you sing a little louder?
Mickey World, it's so real it almost feels like you're alive.

There's a brand new band with a new hit song
from the new hit movie this week
and the entertainment news says I gotta see
their brand new documentary
and I'm sitting on the couch with my two a.m. sandwich
balanced on my knee
thinking the song, the band, the movie, and the news
are all the same company
and with the agents and handlers watchin' me from the shadows
the singer shakes his curls
I head upstairs to my own sweet girl
and leave it all behind down in Mickey World
Dance By Lightning
© 1985, 1998 Rod MacDonald/Polygram Int'l

A little bit of rain, it won't blind us
we walk along barely noticing
leaving all the troubles (3d v: traffic) of the world behind us
moving like a sail on the ocean

we dance by lightning
you're so beautiful, out of the dark
we dance by lightning
I believe it's going to light the spark for us

Why sit at home feeling sorry for yourself
listening to the rain rattling the windows
I can feel you moving like you're part of myself
C'mon take my hand, step out of the shadows

Who can explain this natural wonder
we're together in this spell we're under
and before the thunder comes the flashing light
we taste the rain on each other's faces
the sky streaks white with our embraces
and by this grace we find our way in the night
© 2000 Rod MacDonald/Steve Eriksson (Blue Flute Music/ASCAP)

There are so many songs about Ireland
can there be anything left to say?
Still, I find myself singing of Ireland
here in a land far away
Oh I stood on the white cliffs of Dover
seen the sun going down in Key West
and the people come in from all over
all having but one same request
(they say)
sing me a song of the land that I left
and all of my loved ones I dont forget
Ireland, Ireland, sing me back home again.

There's something about the music of Ireland
you can go in the world anywhere
and the people love the music of Ireland
even those who have never been there
where the mountains run down to the sea and
the hills are all covered in green
and the young hearts are broken forever
by the loveliest girls ever seen.

So pour me another tall glass and
I'll sing you one more song
and if you listen real close than the fiddler
and the piper will carry it on
and if you close your eyes and imagine
you'll find a reason to smile
when you overhear somebody asking
"Can you go back a few thousand miles?"
137 Executions (& Not One Innocent Man)
©Rod MacDonald 2000 (Blue Flute Music/ASCAP)

Down in Texas it's a new century
they're leading the world in the first degree
Fidel Castro and China too
are executing fewer people than you
the Governor looked at the evidence
found not a single case of innocence
and signed those warrants with his own hand:
137 executions and not one innocent man.

Down in Texas they like to keep it short
get you a county lawyer who's a friend of the court
he's drunk at the trial, you appeal to the state
the judges say "sorry, son, it's too late.
If you weren't poor, if you were white
you'd had a better lawyer and got off light."
the judges say "son, you're just a link in the chain"
138 executions and not one innocent man.

Investigators toured death rows all around
one in seven convicted were eventually found
innocent of murder, wrongfully tried
how many men in Texas wrongfully died?
some people say we're too soft anyway
if we kill mistakenly that's the price you got to pay
and they ran that Governor for President
139 executions and not one innocent man.
Tell me how does it feel to have blood on your hands?
145 executions and not one innocent man.
The Little Girls Love To Dance ©2000 Rod MacDonald (Blue Flute Music/ASCAP)

A snake he loves to slither, a cow is born to moo
a porcupine to quiver, and a morning loves the dew
the world loves its balance as a gambler loves a chance
and all the boys love watching when the little girls love to dance.

there's always a bigger fish and more than meets the ear
a fool born every minute, maybe there's one right here
the world loves its balance and without a second glance
it sets the wheels in motion when the little girls love to dance.

there was a man in my hometown, one day he said to me
"don't I remember when you were just sitting on my knee?
with your cowboy hat and pistols and your head all full of plans
I stole your gun, said 'stick 'em up'
you threw up both your hands."

The piano loves a tuning the choir an organ chord
the good knight a cathedral and a well-tempered sword
the world loves its balance as a psychic loves a trance
and all the lights shine brighter when the little girls love to dance.

A mime loves the silence, the actor a curtain call
the trees live to lose their leaves when summer turns to fall
the world loves its balance as surfers love their tans
and all the bands play better when the little girls love to dance.
Willie Jean
© Hoyt Axton (Irving Music/BMI)

Sometimes I think about the folks back home
and the twelve mile road I used to roam
sometimes I think about a girl name Wille Jean
did she ever get as far as New Orleans?

We used to watch the riverboats from a grassy bank
yeah and drink hot water form a railway drain tank
sometimes I think about a girl name Wille Jean
did she ever get as far as New Orleans?

Sometimes I think about ol' Saturday's child
yeah and all the times we were runnin' wild
sometimes I think about a girl name Wille Jean
did she ever get as far as New Orleans?

People always told me, they said "Boy, you're gonna come to harm"
now look at me working here on this Hatfield county farm
sometimes I think about a girl name Willie Jean
did she ever get as far as New Orleans?
Now You're Talkin', Baby
© 1998 Rod MacDonald (Blue Flute Music/ASCAP)

I know you're sad, sad at the leaving
I know how you hate for me to see you cry
and as for me I wish I weren't going
you know I always hate to say goodbye

And then you say I will always love you
And then you say I will always be here
that's when I say "now you're talkin', baby
let me kiss away each and every tear"

They say parting is such sweet sorrow
that's when you know how deep it feels
but as for me I know tomorrow
this love of mine will still be real.
For The Good Of America ©2001 Rod MacDonald (Blue Flute Music/ASCAP)

Have you ever noticed, when you're being disregarded,
there's a singular phrase the politicos say
For the good of the country pretend nothing's happened
Just close your eyes and make it all go away, hear them say

"For the good of America just forget it, cause it's time to move on"
but the truth is, you know it when you hear it
their lips are moving but they're doing you wrong

There was a President popularly elected
in the prime of his life gunned down in his car
they blamed it all on some guy who couldn't even shoot
swore in a new President and went off to war, and they said

There was a ship anchored in a Vietnam harbor
on one summer evening it was blown all to hell
we invaded, lost 40,000 soldiers
years later we found out we blew it up ourselves, and we said

Down in Chile a great democracy was ended
by the military takeover of General Pinochet
who murdered thousands of his own countrymen
under the watchful eye of the CIA, and we said

In Iran they took American hostages and
held them prisoner til our election was done
they released them when our new President was sworn in
who sent them 8 billion worth of weapons in return

All my life I've heard people talking
about some sinister conspiracy referred to as "they"
and I wondered who exactly "they" are
but now I know the answer when I hear them say

So remember sometime in your future
some pretender will want to be your leader one day
first he'll tell you how all your votes just disappeared
then step up to the microphone and give himself away when he says
Mojo & The St Lukes Flukes
©1986, 2002 Rod MacDonald (Blue Flute Music/ASCAP)
i went down to st luke's colisseum
to smoke me an afternoon chunk
it was down to the very last inning
and the usual crowd was drunk
what be the score i inquired
but that crowd so quickly turned glum
for two batters were retired
and that score was none to none

it looked a sad day for the hometeam
to settle for a tie at best
with only one chance left for victory's dream
the next batter being the last
now some folks would be satisfied
to have a tie on a day like this
with that sun gone down in that blue sky
some would go to their beer in bliss

but the flukes, the flukes that's different
the coach squinted like woody the great
and unraveling his gnarled fingers
he sent a pinch hitter up to the plate
the umpire adjusted his spectacles
the crowd gasped as if it were one
it was mojo the loose joints dealer
who'd been sleeping all day in the sun

mojo he stepped into that batter's box
he stood there straight as a tower
he looked out through his mirrored sunglasses
that hadn't been looked out through for hours
the pitcher he reared back and fired
down that forty five feet sailed that ball
mojo he just stood there looking tired
and that umpire said nothin' at all

one two three four five pitches
sailed down cross that forty five feet
mojo he just hitched his britches
till that count was full and complete
that pitcher he looked in there one time
he gave it his very best case
mojo just blinked one little eye
"ball four" said that ump "to first base"

"well let him go, let him go, god bless him"
sang that coach down there at the base
and the next batter hit a two bouncer
like a grapefruit that shortstop could taste
but mojo he's heading for second
he calls out to that shortstop "hey freez"
and that shortstop looks up for a second
and that grounder skipped right through his knees

he threw down his bucky dent model
he let out a hellacious word
something like "fluke" but more frontal
and mojo starts heading for third
then over there on the side line
a dust cloud came into view
took a right turn at the third base line
and straight on down to home plate it blew

the ball came to a stop in the outfield
you could see all its seams at rest
and mojo he's a-rounding that corner
he's putting the scoreless tie to its test
outfields converged on that spheroid
the catcher he braced for his due
and into that primeval sandstorm
face first the mojo man flew

from somewhere the far side of baseball
came the sound of leather on man
both benches emptied in unison
"you're out!" came that voice from the sand
"you're crazy" that coach screamed in anguish
as he tore loose his arm from its cast
but that umpire he'd made his decision
he'd called this ball game over at last

but then mojo says "mr mr umpire
now don't you be so quick to quit
before you go calling this game over and tired
how bout a look in that there catcher's mitt?"
"yeah, let's see that ball" came the cry of the home team
and that catcher he stood there so tall
but soon he was lookin' so sheepish
cause that glove was holdin' nothin' at all

well they searched for that ball in the backstop
they inquired of sidewalk passersby
they even searched over in hoboken
'case it crossed the river on the fly
they put mojo up on their shoulders
they made him king for a day
they took him to the bar and said "mojo man
how you make that ball disappear in smoke like a j?"

mojo he says "boys one thing i found
if you're going to survive in the woods
when the men in blue start sniffing around
best thing to do's to just eat the goods"
then mojo gets up off that barstool
he walks into that porcelain goddess and he pukes
and he coughs up the game ball while the players look on
the astonished st luke's flukes

"well i'll be a crazy man" says the coach
"i never seen this in the game plan"
and they went to that scorebook and somebody wrote
hello flounder in the sand
now whenever they talk about baseball
they remember that old catcher's mitt
and they say of old mojo he's the greatest of all
he's that fluke that won't never say quit
(In order of appearance)
Rod MacDonald--acoustic guitar, harmonica and lead vocals
Mark Dann--bass and harmony vocals ( "For The Good Of America")
Steve Holly--drums
Steve Eriksson--acoustic and electric guitars, harmony vocals ( "For The Good Of America")
Bernie Shanahan--piano, keyboards, and harmony vocals ("Mickey World")
Craig Harris--percussion ("Just One Kiss", "Dance By Lightning")
Francis Rovelli--harmony vocals ("Just One Kiss", "Mickey World", "For The Good Of America")
Susan McKeown--harmony vocals ("Dr Gachet","We Got it Good & That Ain't Bad",
"Dance By Lightning","Ireland, Ireland")

Produced by Mark Dann & Rod MacDonald with assistance and arrangements by Steve Eriksson.

Recorded at Mark Dann Studio, New York, NY, except "My Neighbors In Delray"
recorded at Acoustic Music Productions by Ron Litchauer, West Palm Beach, FL.

Mixed by Mark Dann, Rod MacDonald and Glenn Erwin.
Mastered by Sean M. Mormelo.

All songs by Rod MacDonald (Blue Flute Music/ASCAP-USA) except "
Dance By Lightning" by Rod MacDonald (Polygram/ASCAP-USA),
"Ireland, Ireland" by Steve Eriksson/Rod MacDonald
(Timber Sound-NCB Sweden/Blue Flute/ASCAP-USA), and
"Willie Jean" by Hoyt Axton (Irving Music/BMI-USA).

Front cover by Dewey Engstrom from photographs by Arthur Wood and Rod MacDonald.

Special thank yous to Paddy Mac's, CG Cafe, Amp Shop, Tracy Sands, Lisa Klotz,
Sarah Dann, KC Lyon for the limo rides, Nicole Hitz MacDonald for listening
with both ears, the House Concert Tour Group for their faithful support,
and to Brambus fans everywhere.