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My Neighbors In Delray" --in the aftermath of September 11.

"USA" --A parody of "MTA" about the 2000 election in Palm Beach County, FL, brought a letter from the daughter of Walter O'Brien, whose race for mayor of Boston in 1949 inspired the original.

"The Death of Victor Jara" --poet died in rise to power of Pinochet in Chile

a tale of two americas

ray and ron, terror, missing, the governator,

my beloved enemy, smoke, treat you right,

i'm your dad, the lucky ones,

don't let your dim light die, sacrifice, peace,

here i stand, true love, a tale of two americas,

love is the common ground, i am bob dylan

recognition You Who Sleep Beside Me
(The Man Who Dropped The Bomb On) Hiroshima
Just One Kiss
My Neighbors In Delray
Doctor Gachet
Just A Video Game
When Angel Gets Blue
We Got it Good And That Ain't Bad
Mickey World
Dance By Lightning,
Ireland, Ireland
137 Executions (Not One Innocent Man)
The Little Girls Love To Dance
Willie Jean
Now You're Talkin' Baby
For The Good Of America
man on the ledge
American Jerusalem**
For The People*
Hey, Mr. President*
Women Of The World*
Then he woke up
Happy All The Time
Ballad Of A Black Haired Man
On Any Old Sunday
And Then He Woke Up
The Death Of Victor Jara
Me And Uncle Joe
I Can't Believe (How Good
You've Been To Me)
The Last Train To Pontiac
Love For All Seasons
Out In The Country
I'll Walk In The Highlands
Keeper Of The Flame
Who Built The Bomb (That Blew Oklahoma City Down)?
highway to nowhere
After The Singing
The Way To Calvary*
Now That The Rain Has Gone*
into the blue
Seven Days
No Problem
Best Defense
Days Of Rain
Here's A Song For You
Tough Life
6 Strings & A Hole Big & Round
The Aucilla River Song
Deep Down In The Everglades
Lightning Over The Sea
Into The Blue
Sun Dancer
The Cure For Insomnia
no commercial traffic
A Sailor's Prayer
Every Living Thing
American Jerusalem**

(1983 LP re-released in 2002)

white buffalo Song Of My Brothers
Cross Country Waltz
Ode To The Pretty Girls
Sands Castles
White Buffalo
Blues For The River
The Aliens Came In Business Suits
Stop The War
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* published by Shanachie Musicworks (ASCAP)
** published by Polygram International.