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the open mike (novel)

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big brass bed

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   fau "music americana"
begins 1/9 jupiter, 1/10 boca raton
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box 3844, 
boynton beach, fl 33424

alive alive o 

3/16 8 pm paddy mac's, p b gardens, fl w/bill w & jason
3/17 noon-midnight, paddy mac's, pb gardens, fl
with bill w, tracy sands, bill m

3/29 7 pm the little bar goodland, fl rod & rex

calendar and info (addresses, etc)

join us for "house concerts in nova scotia"
july 7-14, 2018 

some videos:
rod and mark at music-star, norderstedt germany april 2016
the raven   john king   last american worker
april 2017: i'd love to be wrong   

rod at willfest  i'd love to be wrong
the great python hunt

big brass bed 4/19/17 at the funky biscuit
masters of war       mississippi
trying to get to heaven    high water

rod's youtube channel

"later that night":
favorite local cd 2014

review in sing out

"a solid first literary effort"...
palm beach arts paper 2/1/15