The Five Dollar Challenge

Welcome to the Five Dollar Challenge. Here's how it works:

1. Click on the button. It will take you to Paypal; pay your $5 per cd, and enter the title of the cd you want and your email address.

2. You will receive a download code via email, with a link to the cd page at Click on "redeem download card" at the top of the page and download your music.

3. After you have listened to it to your satisfaction, return to that same page and post your review. Do not send it to Rod; post it on the site, please.

That's it. It's the honor system. We know you won't rip us off. And write what you want.

Sorry, this offer is only for downloads, not physical cds.

Here are the available cds for this offer:

Beginning Again (2018, Rod's most recent cd)

White Buffalo (1985, remastered in 2014, better sound than the original cds). 

Into The Blue (1999, remastered in 2016, better sound than the original cds).

The Village Dudes  (2019, with Frank Christian, Jack Hardy, Rod MacDonald & David Massengill)

Get started!

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