House Concerts In France
July 13-20, 2019

Join us for the week in France, 45 min from Paris, in a lovely modern farmhouse with all modern facilities.
Here's how it works: each person is responsible for their own transportation and food
--there is a modern kitchen,
people share cooking and meals--and each evening (or at the the convenience of the group) Rod plays a concert.
During the day (and the evening, too), there's Paris, nearby shopping, small towns and villages, and the natural setting around the house.
There is parking at the house.

The cost is $600 US per person, double occupancy, which includes the share of the house rental and a week's worth of concerts.

Reservation is confirmed on receipt of payment.
For more information, please email

This is trip #9, following Scotland, Nova Scotia, France, Tuscany, Spain, Switzerland, Provence, Italy and Nova Scotia.

Here are photos of the house and location from