My Life In The Brill Building    is a performance featuring George Goehring, composer of the music to such songs as "Lipstick on your Collar,"by Connie Francis,  "Half Heaven Half Heartache," by Gene Pitney, and "The Mystery of You" by the Platters, all top ten hits in the late 1950s and early 1960s. In concert George tells how he came to write these and other songs, how they came to be recorded, and shares some stories of the legendary songwriters and publishers in the Brill Building, the place where so much of the music of that era originated. Joined by south Florida musicians Nicole Yarling, Ellen Bukstel and Rod MacDonald, George puts on a great show, and these concerts frequently sell out, so get your tickets early!

Next concert:
 Saturday June 11, 2011
Singer Concerts
Tamarac, FL
7:30 pm 954-484-7444

Here's a review Posted on the South Florida Folk list serve.

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Subject: [sf_folk] "My Life in The Brill Building" ROCKS!!!

Good day, all,
    I am absolutely THRILLED to issue this post regarding this evening's "Shack in The Back" concert that featured George Goehring, Rod MacDonald, Nicole Yarling, and Ellen Bukstel (see original event information cut and pasted below)!!!!!  In my view, tonight's show was one of THE MOST entertaining and interesting shows I've ever attended!  I think it truly was one the best overall performances I've seen in a very long time.
    In addition to being a fabulously creative and talented songwriter,
composer, and pianist, George Goehring's storytelling ability, self-effacing humor, and genuinely warm and humble persona were simply delightful to behold.  His stories about the 1960s music biz were absolutely fascinating and really, really fun to hear!  I was really impressed with how "tight" the musicianship was among the entire crew.  Ellen, Nicole, Rod, and George did a fantastic job in putting this act together; it just "flowed" perfectly. They shared the stage together marvelously.  They performed with tremendous passion and comradery and obviously had lots of fun on stage.  Nicole's violin was impeccable, Ellen's voice was simply crystalline, and Rod's musicianship and vocals were super--I never knew how "Roy Orbisonish" he can sound!
    In any case, if you didn't attend this show tonight (and even if you did), you're in luck---you can see this show repeated on Saturday, April 28th, at 8pm at the Delray Beach Public Library's auditorium/performance center.  If you are a lover of "oldies but goodies" and want to learn more about the creation of pop music in the '60s straight from the horse's mouth (so to speak), then you shouldn't miss this upcoming show!!  I don't have all of the details yet regarding how to make reservations, but as soon as we get them I will certainly post them (as I'm sure will the GotFolk calendar gurus, although it's not on the calendar yet).  I understand that the seating capacity at the Delray Beach library is 250 and it is anticipated that there will be full house so I would recommend strongly that you make your reservations as soon as the info for doing so is available.
    Thanks to Rod MacDonald for coming up with the concept for the "My Life in The Brill Building" production.  It was loads of fun and, in my opinion, has the potential to be a national production--Road Trip!!!
Best regards and thanks again to the performers for such a wonderful evening,
Heather W. Tanksley